JOB categories

Patient Care Executive

Roles and responsibilities:
.  To be with the patient all the Time
.  Take the patient to the hospital for checkup
.  Take the patient wherever he asks you to
.  To take care of the patient as a family member

Baby Care Executive

Roles and responsibilities:
.   Taking care of the baby
.   Playing with children.
.   Doing simple meal or snack prep and clearing       the dishes.
.   Cleaning up play areas.
.   Changing diapers.
.   Preparing bottles or baby food.
.   Getting kids ready for bed.
.   Never leave a child unattended

Home Care Executive

Roles and responsibilities:
.   Clean homes
.   Plan and cook meals
.   Do laundrya and washing dishes
.   Gardening
.   Household maintenance
.  Have to punctual and good body movement.
.   Communication and cleanliness.
.  Reliability, trustworthy, discreet, attention to         detail.
.   Sklill and knowledge about housekeeping.
.   Organizing bed sheets.

Culinary Artist(Cook)

Roles and responsibilities:
.     Prepares food for clients.
.   Helps devise new methods of cooking and         new menu items.
.   Streamlines work from back of house to front         of house.
.   Cleans food preparation areas
. Prepares foods to the specifications of the       client
.   Prepares food before the arrival of guests
.   Cleans up after business hours

Press & Washing Care

Roles and responsibilities:
.   Do laundry at client's place itself
.   Iron clothes after they get dry
. Carry iron machine with them if the client             does not have it.
.   Fold the clothes after ironing

Saving And Cutting Care